Order Food in English at Restaurant in Japan

umami will help you

  • Find menu you can eat and order in your own language
  • Communicate with non-English speaking staff when you order
  • Find coupons and get discount or reward
  • Features

    Get Free Coupons

    Coupons are usually availabel in Japanese Restaurant but hard to find in you do not understand Japanese. You can easily find coupons at restaurant and get discounts.

    English Menu Available

    You'll be surprised that the most of the restaurants do not have English menu. Even if they do, the translations are usually not understandable. umami will provide menu translated by professionals.

    Find Dishes You Can Eat

    You can search dishes you can or want to eat from the keyword like menu name and ingredients.

    Ingredients Filter

    If you cannot eat some dishes for a religious reason or because you have allergy, you will be able to filter the menu by the specified ingredients.

    Order in English

    You can create an order list and simply show it to the restaurant staff when you are ready to order. The restaurant staff will take your order even if you do not speak Japanese.

    Share Menu with Your Friends

    When you have eaten delicious food during your travel, you might want to share with your friends who also want to go to the same destination. You can simply retrieve your order to find the menu and share it with your friends.

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